Start of coding & programming

At this point we found out that coding & programming is where we take advantage of our potential


First websites

HTML, CSS, JS, PHP & MySQL - this is how we started


Start of graphic design

As our projects required a good design, we found out that design is something where our creativity is endless


First Business Information System

VBA in Excel - we're proud to say that we managed to implement an information system that was completely adapted to existing tools that were used in a company


First Custom Website Management System

It was built upon PHP & MySQL and heck we use it even today - it just smashes rocks!


A pinch of Microsoft

This is where we started developing in C# MVC and MSSQL, working with Team Services (today Azure DevOps) and Git


IoT? Sure!

Raspberry Pi was a necessity in one of our projects, so we decided to learn the thing and add it to our knowledge stack


We go professional

More than 10 custom-made information systems, several API development projects, thousands of tables in SQL, trillions of data in analysis with Plotly.js & PivotTable.js, thousands of tables displayed with DataTables.js, QR codes for payment slip mobile scanning, PdfSharp mastering and more