Graphic Design



It is known that a picture says more than a thousand words - that is why we are here for you! First impression is the most important impression. Be it for web development purposes, ad campaigns or billboards, our skilled graphic designers will tell your story with design.

From business cards, flyers, brochures, business stationery, calendars, catalogs to product and packaging designs, 3D models on 2D canvas, website material (landing pages, website redesign) and more, we do whatever it takes to deliver catchy design that incorporates your business' visual identity.


If your business is starting out or you simply want to refresh the image of your brand, we are offering visual identity development. As a result of this process, we create a Visual Identity Manifest, a document outlining everything about your business' visual identity.

We will cover you from logo for absolutely any use (web, print, video usage, clothing, FB, Instagram, Twitter, any other social media and platform) alongside stationery design (paper blocks, pen designs, business cards, planner design, CD/DVD design, document design etc.). We will also develop a unique colour palette for your business and be advisor if you need any further actions related to media and public relations, so your brand stays representative at all times.

The Visual Identity Manifest includes guidelines on right logo usage, right colour usage, optimal spaces that are to be used in further designs, positions in promotional designs and videos and other guidelines that will help you have your visual identity organised across your organisation.



Our designers from KALLY DESIGN will help you with indoor, outdoor, or any kind of other promo materials that you need to make your marketing strategy skyrocket!