Information Systems Development


Today, it is almost unimaginable for an organisation to live without information technology. Information systems are considered a crucial link between stakeholders, supply chain parties, distributors and all levels in you organisation. Our team of expert software engineers, developers, innovators and businessmen are on your disposal to deliver you the information system you need - tailored exactly to your wants and needs.

Most generic information systems come with a major drawback - they are rarely fit to fully cover every function you want them to perform. From idea, to proof of concept, development, deployment, maintenance and updates, we are here for you in every step of your information system lifecycle.


Nowadays, information system by itself just isn't enough. Organising your employees, documents and business processes is inevitable for your organisation to strive. This is why, in every step of development process, we take a higher perspective on the role of information system in your organisation's business processes and document management. Our team of external experts from Agile Business Consulting takes care of Business Process Management (BPM) and Document Management (DM).


Today, business information system has one purpose: utilise all given resources to enable higher profits. This is exactly what we specialise in - development of software that allows high-speed data handling (inserting, retrieval, updating and archiving) and realtime KPI-oriented analytics for managers.

Our team consists of not only programmers and developers, but of experienced businessmen that guide the project towards being profit-oriented and objective-oriented (KPI growth), rather than only satisfying conditions of a "functional software". This is why we pair with external business consultants from Agile Business Consulting to provide their knowledge of how your information systems makes your company grow faster. Your know-how is a source of knowledge that enables development of custom-made information systems that enable us, developers, to tailor the software to your needs.


We will first engage in analysis of your daily processes and use that knowledge to develop a process upon which we will build modules of your custom information system. It is much like a tailor takes measures of your body to make a perfectly fitted tuxedo:


  1. which data is used as an input?
  2. how is input data derived from documents and any other information systems or software?
  3. who is using which data and how frequently?
  4. how is data currently accessed and secured?
  5. what is the optimal format for data management and means of access to data?
  6. how can we achieve desired level of data security?
  7. which data results as an output?
  8. how is outputted data used in decision making?
  9. cost analysis of the process compared to profit, KPIs and company growth?
  10. challenge the process again and again to gain faster execution time and reduction of repetitive and computable steps in the process?


In development, we utilise Agile Methodology, today considered a de facto standard of the industry. Agile protects the client from wasting time and resources (developers are less likely to develop the software in the wrong direction) because it maintains constant updates between client and developers.



Agile Methodology gives the opportunity to you, our investor, to start using the software in early development, but with key functionalities. Instead of waiting for months to start using the software, in a matter of weeks the information systems with key functionalities is thoroughly tested and ready to use. As the development process continues, information system is upgraded with new features incrementally, allowing both developers and users to test every aspect of the system in time, rather than receiving fully developed software and having to do an in-depth testing before initial deployment in production.